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Here, you can see more information on our business from the ground up, and see bios on our pilots. As always, It's a Beautiful day to Fly!


J&J Shop Heliair opened its doors in 2013, providing helicopter rides locally, at various events. What started out as a small business venture that was more of a hobby with the owner and one pilot, soon expanded into something more. In May of 2015, J&J Shop Heliair acquired Ken Cordrey's Rally Helicopters, hiring Ken as a pilot expanded the business from a small hobby to a fully functioning business. The business then could provide rides at various events along with daily scenic helicopter tours, by adding two additional pilots to the team. We also added a fresh college graduate to manage and maintain the business and marketing. In 2018, we added another helicopter to our air fleet and began offering tours from Eagle's Crest Airport just off the shoreline of Rehoboth Beach, DE to offer tours throughout Delaware and Maryland Beaches.

J&J Shop Heliair is a family-owned business, we as a family are now happily providing scenic helicopter tours around the beautiful Ocean City, MD & Rehoboth Beach, DE area. We also provide helicopter rides at local town events, car shows, carnivals, fairs, and any event willing to have us where promoting a family environment, and ensuring a fun time is the main focus.

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We are always willing to provide views from above, no matter the event. If you are in the market for something new and exciting to spice up your next family reunion, birthday party, or business picnic, please give us a call. We will be available with reasonable pricing options, offering a great new twist of excitement for your event! Helicopter rides for everyone will create an unforgettable memory for all of your family and friends.

Have you ever wanted to become a licensed pilot? We also have a certified flight instructor on staff, and will be able to make your dreams of becoming a pilot, come true!

We have 3 professional pilots available for flights, David Fetsko, Ken Cordrey, Blair Messner! Each bringing years of experience to the team and have logged countless flight hours. We are ready and thrilled to be of service for all your flight needs. Below, you can see bios on our pilots and get to know your pilot's background prior to your flight. Don't forget to stop by our Tours page to see a descriptive list of our daily tours that overlook both the Ocean City, Marlyand airport and Rehoboth Beach, DE area, to find which tour fits you best. We look forward to seeing you at our next event or providing you with one of our scenic helicopter tours.
Always remember, IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY TO FLY!


Meet Our Pilots


Jay is the Owner of J&J Shop Heliair, and has been an entrepeneur for over the last 25 years. His business is a partnership-based, successful welding fabrication company, this is where Jay began making his mark in the business world. Since he was a young boy, he always had an interest in the mechanics of things, taking apart motors and putting them back together without even thinking. On the family farm sat an old Benson Gyro-Copter, looking at this everyday sparked his interest in aviation, giving him the dream of one day being able to fly himself. About 10 years ago, he was introduced to David Fetsko, with whom Jay began taking lessons and achieved his lifelong goal of becoming a helicopter pilot. Jay is now a private and comercially rated helicopter pilot. As a hobby, Jay and Dave started going to different events providing short up-and-down helicopter rides. This later turned into J&J Shop Heliair, a company providing beach tours and sightseeing adventures over Ocean City, MD. As they say, "Do something you love and you will never work a day in your life"; which Jay has done, turning his hobby into a profession.



David Fetsko

Dave is a well-rounded aviation specialist, and has been involved with the aviation field for the last 40 plus years. He has logged over 6,000 accident free flight hours as a pilot and Certified Flight Instructor. With numerous types of aircraft experience, including Cessna, Pipper and Bell, this makes Dave one of our top pilots. Along with his vast experience, he is also a factory trained mechanic for Enstrom, Bell, and Robinson Helicopters in addition to Associated Power Plants.

Kenny Cordrey

"I can remember at a very early age, probably 7 or 8, my grandparents lived just a short distance from a little country airport. On Sundays, we would go visit with them after church, and the first thing I would do is strike out for the airport to watch the planes take off and land, all day long. That little airport is still there today, Laurel Airport in Laurel, DE. The ole guy that ran the airport- Mr. John Reed, took pity on me one day. I guess he got tired of watching me hanging around and offered me a ride. He must've figured he would either scare me off or hook me for chores around the airport for a ride ever now and then. He didn't scare me off, and sure had me hooked! I can remember that day like it was yesterday and I think that's why I get so much joy out of taking young people for rides today. That was some 50 years ago, and I'm thinking 50 some years from now, after I'm gone, a little kid will remember that helicopter ride and the ole guy that took them!

Laurel Airport is where I soloed my first airplane when I was still in high school back in 1967 and has been a part of my aviation history since. The majority of my flying career has been in the agricultural part of aviation (crop dusting) for nearly 30 years. In 2010 I spent a winter season in Key West, Florida and got a little part-time job flying tourists around the island and fell in love with sharing the fascination of flying with others. That's when I decided, I wanted to continue to do it when I retired from crop dusting. In 2011, I retired from agricultural flying, reeling in my last season out in the Midwest. I started looking for something to do and I decided to return to my hometown, Ocean City, and figured this would serve as a perfect place to share my passion by giving helicopter tours like I had in Key West. It really never gets old seeing all of the smiles we create!

When I'm not flying around in the helicopter, I like to spend my time at old classic car & motorcycle shows, riding my Harley with my group of friends, and fishing when I get the chance. All seem to be popular things to do here on the Eastern Shore, and seem to fit right in with helicopters! Who wants to retire when we're having this much fun!?"

-Ken Cordrey




12724 Airport Rd, Berlin, MD 21811 USA

Directions: From Ocean City go west on Rt 50, turn left on Rt 611,
then turn left onto Airport Rd. We are located in the main terminal
entrance - where your pilot will be waiting for you.



29763 Eagle Crest Road, Milton, DE 19968 USA

Directions: The field is conveniently located only 16 miles
south of Grotto’s on Route 1 in Milford, DE. Head south on Route 1,
turn right onto Eagle Crest Road and head for the Futuro Space
ship which is at the parking entrance to the field!



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